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Toyama Ryu Japanese Swordsmanship

In 1867 the samurai class was abolished in Japan.  The Meiji Restoration redefined the class system and brought Japan into the modern era.  To most people the Samurai are a footnote in history or larger than life figures on the cinema screen.  The Samurai are gone, but their spirit lives on.  Men and women from Japan and around the world are dedicated to keeping their legacy alive.  This website is dedicated to the spirit of swordsmanship both past and present.  It's purpose is to educate the public and promote Japanese Swordsmanship.

Toyama Ryu Batto Do is a Japanese sword art established in 1925. It was formed by a committee, the senior authority being Nakayama Hakudo who was the 16th soke of the Shimomura-faction of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu iaido. This art draws its techniques and philosophy from the expert swordsmen and their styles of that era. Itís roots may be Omori Ryu Tachi Iai or the tachi waza of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. It embodies the art of drawing and using the single sword from a standing posture. It teaches not only drawing and cutting techniques, but also the mental and spiritual aspects which governed the daily lives of swordsmen long ago.

Toyama Ryu is based on the practical application of the sword as a weapon. It consists of basic cutting techniques, basic kata, advanced two man kata and a variety of specific cutting patterns. It places significant emphasis on the importance of actual cutting with the sword and understanding the intricate details. It focuses on not only the physical details of every action involved in using the sword, but also the mental and spiritual meaning which also must play an equal part in understanding the sword as was once done long ago.

You can call our art Toyama Ryu Battodou, Battodo, Batto do, or Batto Jutsu.  It is all about the practical use of the Japanese sword!  The Konjaku Kioi Dojo is located in St Petersburg Florida.  We are dedicated to supporting students of Japanese Swordsmanship in the Tampa / St Pete area.  We also offer Saturday classes for students who live in Florida and don't have a local dojo.

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