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Dojo Crest 

The principals of Bushido 武士道

We strive to follow these nine  principals of bushido as part of our training.  There are no bushido lessons in the dojo.  The principals must be taken to heart and made part of your life.  We choose the path we walk in life.  Sometimes we follow others down that path, sometimes we walk next to someone, and at other times we create our own path for others to follow. 

仁 - Jin - Benevolence

Develop a sympathetic understanding of people

義 - Gi - Rectitude

Preserve the correct ethics

忠義 - Chu - Loyalty

Show loyalty to one's family, friends, students, teachers and dojo

勇 - - Courage

Show courage in the face of adversity

礼 - Rei - Respect

Show respect to others

智 - Chi - Wisdom

Enhance wisdom by broadening knowledge

信 - Shin - Honesty

Be truthful at all times

悌 - Tei - Care for the aged

Care for the aged and those of humble station

名誉 - Meiyo - Honor

Preserve one's honor

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