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2006 Sword Testing

We tested a record number of 52 different swords at the Konjaku Kioi Toyama Ryu Dojo 2006 testing.  The ratings are compiled from a panel of  nine judges from the dojo.  We started at 1 pm and did not finish until 3 am.  Every sword is different and everyone has their own opinion about what they like.  We put a rating from 1 to 10 for how well the swords looked, felt, and cut. 

If we don't have your sword / swords rated or you thing we had a bad example, we will be glad to rank them.  Contact me at info@toyamaryu.org to discuss when testing can be arranged.

Details of Ranking Categories

Shinken Katana Sorted Ratings

Iaito Katana Sorted Ratings

Shinken Wakizashi Sorted Ratings

Iaito Wakizashi Sorted Ratings

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