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Konjaku Kioi Judging Standards

These guides are for students and instructors at the Konjaku Kioi dojo and any competitors in taikai sponsored by the dojo. 

Kata Judgment

Kata should be performed with competence and should demonstrate a clear understanding of the underlying principles

Misc Mistakes

  • Incorrect kata performed: disqualification
  • Kata restarted: disqualification
  • Injuring oneself: disqualification
  • Hitting the floor with sword: disqualification
  • Scrapping saya for batto / noto: 30 points
  • Missed noto: 50 points
  • Incorrect set-up corrected before starting: 50 points

Breathing and kiai

  • Kiai early or late: 30 points
  • Holding breath: 30 points

Timing and Movement

  • Executing movement too quickly: 20 points
  • Executing movement too slowly: 20 points
  • Not pausing when appropriate: 20 points
  • Slight pause at inappropriate time: 20 points
  • Not delaying when appropriate: 30 points
  • Distinct halt and restart of kata: 50 points


  • Slight momentary imbalance:  20 points
  • Distinct but recoverable loss of balance:  30 points
  • Extra step taken due to poor balance: 50 points
  • Complete loss of balance: disqualification

Poor Stance / Posture

  • Incorrect weight distribution: 20 points
  • Incorrect foot orientation: 30 points
  • Stance too wide: 20 points
  • Stance too narrow: 30 points
  • Uneven transition between stances: 30 points

Concentration / Attention

  • Momentary lapse in concentration: 20 points
  • Not focusing on opponent before reacting to them: 30 points
  • Not focusing on opponent during attack/deflection:  50 points


  • Attack has no reach: 20 points
  • Attack has no speed/strength: 30 points
  • Attack targets improper direction / location: 50 points
  • Block / deflection has not speed/strength: 30 points
  • Block / deflection has improper direction / location: 50 points 

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