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Konjaku Kioi Judging Standards

These guides are for students and instructors at the Konjaku Kioi dojo and any competitors in taikai sponsored by the dojo. 

Acting As A Judge (Shinpan)

The integrity of competition is based on the ability of judges to render fair and impartial decisions.  It is a role that must be taken seriously.

Proper Attitude

Judges must not act conceited towards competitors.  The competitors have trained hard for the last 6 months to a year for the competition.  Judges must render unbiased consistent fair decisions.  The reputation of the US Federation of Batto Do is dependant on you.

It is important to provide a professional image for competitors and spectators.  Don’t cross your legs or arms while sitting at the judging table.  Sit upright and don’t lean.  Keep your back straight.

How To Handle The Flags

A white flag gets dirty easily.  The white flag should be rolled inside the red flag.  When you unroll the flags for use, do so with both hands.

The red flag is held in the right hand and the white flag is held in the left hand.  Do not lead the other judges or confuse them.  Raise one flag up when you hear “HANTEI” (Judgment).  When the judges need to have a short discussion, raise both flags up and say “GOHGI” (Meeting).

A taikai may allow mutual disqualification.  This must be determined before the competition starts.  Both flags are raised crossed together forming an X to indicate that both competitors have disqualified themselves.  A winner must always be determined for final rounds.

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